Man fakes death, gets arrested for being a fake cop

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HEMPSTEAD, NY – One minute, he’s hiding from the cops; the next moment, he’s trying to be one.

48-year-old Raymond Roth is no stranger to trouble. Last July, New York law enforcement and the Coast Guard spent massive amounts of money and man power searching for him. Roth was later found to have faked his own drowning.

City officials say the Coast Guard estimates their cost at more than $27,000 and Naussu County Police spent more than $7000 in fuel alone, and tens of thousands of dollars in additional costs.

His disappearing act was an attempt to collect on a $410,000 insurance policy.

Now Roth is at it again.This time around cops are accusing him with impersonating an officer and trying to coax female strangers into his van. He was busted just hours after he plead guilty in his fake death case!

Police say Roth allegedly pulled up to a woman, ID’d himself as an officer and ordered her to get inside his van. The woman refused, then ran into a check cashing store.

Surveillance video from the store shows Roth following the woman in and trying to convince employees he’s a cop. He huffed and he puffed, but the clerk didn’t buy it and called the real police instead.

Roth is charged with criminal impersonation, attempted kidnapping and attempted burglary. And remember, crime doesn’t pay for this guy; he was recently ordered to pay the $35,000 authorities spent searching for him last year.

His gut should’ve told him to stay out of trouble, but sadly for Roth his belly size seems to not equal his brains.

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