Micro-wrestlers leave crowd wanting more

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HOUSTON, TX – Texas is known for wanting things bigger and better but on this night, it was all about being smaller.

Micro Championship Wrestling (MCW) promotes the belief:  half the size, twice the violence.

“So all my guys are touring professionals,’ explains MCW CEO Johnny G. ‘Anything the big guys do in WWE or any other wrestling organization. Our guys are definitely the best of the best when it comes to midget wrestling.”

This little shin-dig was at Concert Pub North recently. MCW has been around for four years now, but do fans turn out to see wrestling or is it something a little guiltier?

One fans says, “You know what I came out here with no expectations. That way, I’ll be completely thrilled and pleased with the outcome.”

Another fan adds, “If Hulk Hogan can endorse this, I can endorse this too.”

One fan was being honest when he said, “I’m a fan of wrestling. I like wrestling. I think it is funny and watching midgets wrestle. It’s probably going to be even more funnier than watching grown folks wrestle.”

OK, in this politically correct world, it’s probably not right to say midget wrestlers but these guys don’t mind.

Huggy Cub says, “I tell them all this. When it comes to midget…it makes me money.”

The fans came out screaming and shouting, hooting and hollering for more.

John Escamilla, the booking agent for The Concert Pub North, says, “We’re actually hoping to get them more often. Maybe every three months or every quarter because it’s a fun event.”

You know the phrase good things do come in small packages.

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