Newtown shooter Adam Lanza obsessed with violence

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NEWTOWN, CT – It’s hard to imagine anything worse than 26 people dying in a school shooting — 20 of them being first graders — but unsealed documents in Connecticut show Adam Lanza could have taken out the entire school.

Investigators say he fired at least 144 rounds with a 30 round capacity magazine in less than five minutes. But he was also carrying other handguns and three more fully loaded 30 round magazines.

The 20-year-old shooter seemed to be obsessed with violence.

A search of his home turned-up even more guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, information about other mass killings and among other things, a check from his mom to buy a new gun.

There are also reports that he had an NRA certificate – though an NRA spokesperson says the Lanzas were not members.

Witnesses apparently told investigators Lanza was an awkward loner, and that he would spend days on end playing video games, like “Call of Duty” in his mom’s basement. He would reportedly go shooting with her at area ranges. She was his first victim.

All these details are coming out in conjunction with an intense gun debate in Connecticut and President Obama pushing for change in Washington.

“Less than 100 days ago that happened and the entire country was shocked … shame on us if we’ve forgotten,” said President Obama at a press conference on Thursday.

He has stepped-up his calls for universal background checks, a federal gun trafficking law, bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

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