Pregnant woman runs over pregnant woman with car, drives off

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HOUSTON, TX – A southwest Houston love triangle already had the plot line of a Maury episode, but now added to the drama is an aggravated assault charge.

Houston police say Shareyll Hunter, 26, went to her ex-boyfriend’s house where he lives with his girlfriend.

They say Hunter got in her ex’s car and rammed it into the girlfriend, then took off.

Neighbor Bettye Polk said, “She was layin’ on the floor, or, on the ground, with her leg broke. Twisted.”

The current girlfriend is said to be four months pregnant. Hunter is said to be five months pregnant.

In case you didn’t already see where this is going, the boyfriend is the father of both babies.

Cops say they’re looking into what started the argument between the mothers-to-be, but we bet you have a few guesses.

The girlfriend is now in the hospital with two broken legs. We’re told the baby is just fine.

Now cops are looking for Hunter who’s believed to be in her ex’s four-door Lincoln LS.

She can run, but with a baby on the way there’s only so long she can hide.

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