Traffic accidents caught on camera

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JIANGSHAN, CHINA – Just like U2 says it is a beautiful day. At least for these guys, after their brushes with death.

Let’s start with a bus driver in China. Just a normal day on the bus. That is, until an unwelcome passenger crashes through the windshield.

A pole didn’t bring him to his final destination, though. Despite having an injured spleen, the driver kept driving and steered the bus to the side of the road, bringing all 26 passengers to safety.

The wheels of this story keep on turning. In Dayton, Ohio, one firefighter is lucky to be alive.

A pick-up truck slammed into an overturned vehicle on an icy road. The fire captain (who was standing behind the overturned vehicle) was thrown over the guardrail. And believe it or not, he’s recovering at a hospital and is going to be okay.

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