North Korea to restart nuclear reactor

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WPYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – When Li’l Kim and the Beastly Boyz send out invitations to the concert, it’s pretty much expected that everyone show up. And so it was, that North Korea’s leader summoned the country’s legislators for an annual spring session of parliament.

The session came one day after top party officials – okay — Li’l Kim’s flunkies, said the country will fire-up its Yongbyon nuclear complex, including a uranium enrichment plant and a reactor they shut down in 2007.

This means North Korea is jumping in full-bore with its nuclear weapons program.

All of this high-anxiety over Li’l Kim’s war plans caused China to put its troops on heightened alert along the border with North Korea.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is suggesting the UN get everyone together to work this out, but moon used to be South Korea’s foreign affairs minister, which may be one reason Li’l Kim goes ballistic whenever the UN gets involved.

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