Pac-12 referees targeted Arizona coach?

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pac12WALNUT CREEK, CA – The PAC-12 is closing the book on an internal investigation into what amounts to the PAC-12 bribing refs, but fans still want to throw the book at the guy at center of the probe.

PAC-12 commissioner Larry Scott says comments made by the conference’s coordinator of officiating Ed Rush were just a big joke. started all of this by reporting Rush told a group of refs just before the PAC-12 tourney that he would pay five grand or a trip to Cancun to any ref who hit Arizona head coach Sean Miller with a technical or toss him from the game. ‘Ring him up’ or ‘run him’ in ref talk.

And ‘lo and behold’ Miller got hit with a technical foul and then a $25,000 fine for confronting the ref that rang him up during the Arizona-UCLA game, and for acting badly toward a conference staff member after the game.

PAC-12 commissioner Scott says Rush’s comments were not serious offers. And, he says the conference has taken unspecified steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

But PAC-12 fans thinks Scott made a bad call. And there’s a Facebook page demanding the conference kick rush out of the game.

That would be ‘run’ him, in ref talk.

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