Car crashes into furniture store, driver dies

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HOUSTON, TX – What do Houston drivers have against walls lately? After a series of accidents in which drivers lost control of their cars and crashed into homes, tragedy took the life of a young mother of two on Tuesday night, when she wrecked her vehicle against the front of a furniture store near Almeda Mall.

“We heard a commotion, came out and saw a car at Exclusive Furniture,’ said John Nunez, who works as a mechanic near the place of the accident. ‘It was half-way centered. The car climbed up on a second car and smashed the whole windshield.”

The Houston Police Department says that the victim, who was in the passenger’s seat and didn’t know how to drive, told the male driver that she wanted to learn and jumped into the driver’s seat as soon as he stepped out of the car in the parking lot. She released the hand break and stepped on the accelerator — in a second, her life was over.

“We ran over there, looked at it. Everybody was just freaking out.”

The woman’s 10-year-old son was in the car at the time of the accident and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses said earlier in the day there was another car accident. Two cars collided just outside the mall.

Seriously, Houston drivers: what’s going on?

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