‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ getting a makeover

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AUSTIN, TX – You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again; Don’t mess with Texas!

The anti-littering campaign is still kicking 27 years after it started, only now it’s getting a makeover. Texas Department of Transportation wants the message to appeal to the worst offenders, young adults between 16 and 34. Many who weren’t born when the campaign first rolled out in 1986.

TxDOT representative Danny Perez says, “This is a beautiful state; we want to make sure that they are aware of that. They may not have been born when we first launched this campaign 20 plus years ago, so we want to make sure we get the word out to them.”

About 1.1 billion pieces of trash end up on Texas roads every year.

“It’s about 47 million dollars to keep these roads clean.”

66% of roadside trash is food related, while 43% is from tobacco items.

With fines for first time offenders ranging up to $500 dollars, and $2000 for repeat offenders, we guess they mean it; Don’t Mess with Texas.

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