Heidi Klum rescues son from drowning

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OAHU, HI – As if we don’t need any more reasons to love Heidi Klum, here’s another. This supermodel is also a supermom.

One moment, she’s tweeting a peaceful pic, along with the message “Happy Easter.” The next, she practically becomes a real-life Baywatch babe.

Heidi’s seven year old son and his two nannies are safe and sound thanks to mama bear and her bodyguard boyfriend, Martin Kirsten.

The boy and two nannies were swimming along the Hawaiian coast over Easter weekend. That’s when the trio was swept away by a strong riptide.

Heidi says she did what any mom would do: she and her boyfriend rushed into water and pulled all three wayward swimmers to safety.

Looks like Mother Nature is no match for this mother!

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