Janet Napolitano talks immigration reform in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – Border security and immigration reform came to Houston, thanks to the nation’s Big Sister, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

She made a stop in Houston on her way to Arizona where she will meet with local and state officials, and inspect border security operations.

“What we need to help us with border security is to deal with legal migration, and to deal with the demand for illegal labor,’ she said. ‘We do those things, that will take a great deal of pressure off the border itself.”

Napolitano didn’t have anything new to bring to the table, but took the opportunity to link immigration reform with economic security.

“Our nation’s economic health depends on businesses of all kinds and all sizes. Being able to find and maintain a stable, legal workforce, and having assurances they are all playing by the same set of rules.”

Napolitano said the nation’s current system makes it hard for businesses to find and keep good workers, while creating shortages in businesses that need a steady supply of employees at all skill levels.

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  • InvadersBegone

    The absolutely, positively, honest to God final amnesty EVER was passed in 1986 and signed by Ronald Reagan, who later admitted that was the biggest blunder of his presidency. What we've had is one corrupt and treasonous regime after another who have failed to give us what Reagan promised; a secure border and strict enforcement in the workplace and elsewhere. The worst regime so far is that of tin pot dictator Comrade ObaMao. This crap has got to stop. I say build a wall and deport ‘em all.

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