Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno on Tonight Show

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BURBANK, CA – It’s official, Jay Leno announced he’ll step down as host of NBC’s Tonight Show, a spot he’s had for over 20 years.

Stepping into the coveted gig will be 38-year-old Jimmy Fallon — NBC’s so called strategic move to attract a younger viewing audience.

Maggie Furlong the West Coast Editor for Huffpost TV said, “You know Jay Leno is getting up there in years. Yes, he has a great audience. Yes they’re very loyal, but they’re getting older too. Jimmy brings in the young audience. The advertiser dollar audience.”

Hey, the execs have to pay for their expensive toys somehow.

Furlong continued, “You know Jay Leno will always be in that list with Johnny Carson and Jack Paar and these late night guys that made the Tonight Show what was today.”

Exactly, but is Fallon on the same caliber as those guys? Will he ultimately suffer the same fate as Conan?

Regardless, as part of the change, the show is moving from its Burbank studio and returning to its original home in New York.

Leno and Fallon joked about an alleged rivalry in a skit earlier this week.

And Fallon’s soon to be new rival, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, “Congratulations to my dear, sweet @jimmyfallon – a formidable rival and an incredible lover.”

Hey Leno fans, don’t worry, he’ll still be on the air for another year.

You know, we’re starting to think we here at CW39 will be the beneficiaries in all of this; Arsenio Hall’s new late night show premiers this fall around the same time as the Tonight Show.