Man sues cat owner for $100k after her cat attacked him

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HOMER GLEN, IL – The claws are out! An Illinois man is suing a neighboring cat owner (who may or may not also be his wife) for a $100,000 after he claims the woman’s kitty tried to kill him.

William Baxter is taking his cat fight to court alleging that while he was cat-sitting for Christine Bobak, her furry feline flipped out and attacked him. According to the lawsuit, Bobak’s cat “viciously attacked, bit and clawed” Baxter,  adding “without provocation.”

Baxter claims to have suffered serious injuries from a bite on his ring finger and claw marks on his left arm, but this bad pussy could only be scratching the surface; the two feuding parties might also have some shared his story together. Court papers suggest that Baxter and Bobak “were” or might still be married.

A court date is set for July 10 to find out if kitty is guilty, but the cat’s not out of the bag about Baxter and Bobak’s relationship.