Mushroom death suit promises to eat you when you die

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CAMBRIDGE, MA – Let’s talk about death. As the saying goes, “We come from dust and we return to dust” says MIT grad Jae Rhim Lee who’s also the inventor of the Mushroom Death Suit.

This flesh-eating suit was created to be an eco-friendly alternative to burial and cremation. If you’re wondering what’s wrong with traditional forms of body disposal. Lee says they pollute the environment.

According to the Centers for Disease Control our bodies contain 219 toxic pollutants; all of which are released back into the environment when we die.  This includes mercury in fillings and formaldehyde from embalming.

Other than looking like ninja pajamas, how’s the Mushroom Death Suit different?

Lee says the suit offers body decompiculture and toxin remediation; that’s fancy talk for the mushrooms eat up the dead body.

When it comes to food, usually we prefer to eat and not be eaten; but if you can avoid damaging the environment when you die why not?

It’s at least a little food for thought.