North Korea blocks South Korean workers from industrial complex

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – North Korea claims they’re on the brink of war. And by brink, we mean by today or tomorrow.

According to the French Press, the North Korean army says it has been given final approval to launch a ‘merciless’ military strike on the United States, which could include so-called “cutting edge” nukes.

That’s not the only diplomatic crisis on the horizon.

Hundreds of South Koreans got their pink slips. This, after the North Korean government in Pyongyang blocked workers from the south from entering the Kaesong Industrial Complex. It’s a facility that sits in North Korea, but one that surprisingly, up until today, Koreans both north and south worked there together.

This marks the first actual move made by North Korea to follow up on (until now) seemingly empty threats from Lil’ Kim, who apparently wants to re-start a nuclear reactor that was shut down five years ago.

And now, the U.S. is sending a defense system to Guam, just in case Lil’ Kim launches ballistic missiles. Better to be safe than sorry.

So, was closing the facility a smart move? The company’s manager doesn’t think so. He warns that this diplomatic crisis could cause serious damage, especially since Kaesong is considered to be North Korea`s cash cow. Less workers, less moolah.

Come on, North Korea. Get some soul!