Ted Nugent addresses legislative hearing on deer breeders

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AUSTIN, TX – Don’t come between a Texan and a deer during deer season, or even during a committee hearing in Austin.

The House committee on Culture, Recreation, and Tourism held a public hearing on a bill to require the tagging and identification of breeder deer. Those are deer raised specifically for hunting.

Now, normally, a legislative committee hearing on tagging deer wouldn’t get much attention, except from deer hunters, but this meeting took on some star quality with the testimony of self-described guitar player and deer hunter Ted Nugent, the hard-core rocker who has found some new groupies as a vocal gun advocate and as a drug-free avid hunter.

“The musical industry used to condemn me for killing Bambi, but not for snorting their drugs,’ Nugent told the committee. ‘Jimi Hendrix would laugh at me because I wouldn’t smoke his dope, I carried a gun, and I had venison jerky in a bag. See, Jimi got high. Jimi’s dead. I went huntin’. I’m still Ted.”ted

Some opposition to deer breeding comes from the use of steroids and antibiotics that make the deer grow faster and bigger.

If you noticed, no one asked the deer what they think about all of this. We tried, but they weren’t talking.