Vibrators make for good singing voices?

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ALBERTA, CANADA – Looking for a hobby? Well, all you need is a vibrator, a diaphragm and a lot of heavy breathing and you’ll be hittin’ the high notes before you know it!

Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s all for voice lessons.

Vocal coach and University of Alberta drama professor, David Ley, swears that the hand-held vibrators he uses on his singers helps them to relax, which is key to getting results. Ley’s technique of using sex toys on a singer’s throat is getting quite a lot of buzz. Ley says with the flick of a vibrator there’s improvement in both ‘range and projection’. The vibrators help to stimulate the vocal folds, which helps singers hit those high notes that we all hope to achieve when singing.

To each his own, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of female students coming out of this class are singing in the scale of ‘G’ Major. If he’s doing his job right!

After all, Good Vibrations is a classic!