California woman hires man to rape and assault her

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Craigslist. It`s place to find used patio furniture. It can also be a place to find someone to get freaky with. ‘Casual Encounters,” anyone? Hey, we’re not judging. But one fantasy got real…real quick.

Police say 20-year old Morgan Triplett claimed she was beaten and raped while walking along a wooded area at the University of California-Santa Cruz. She later recanted, saying the whole thing was a hoax. Here’s where it gets weird. The suspect in question says the ‘victim’ posted several Craigslist ads seeking physical abuse in exchange for sex.

One of the ads allegedly asked that she be shot in the shoulder with a small caliber gun. The other, she requests that a man punch, kick, and bruise her.

Yea, it’s weird. But to the men responding to the ad: Come on, you had to know nothing good was going to come from that. And while we’re at it, Triplett: couldn’t you have just faked cancer like the rest of the attention-seeking crazies?

She plead not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of making a false police report. If found guilty, she could face six months in jail. A lifetime ban from Craigslist wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.


  • Robert McKnight

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