FAA delaying closing towers

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Those big Federal budget cuts left a bunch of airport employees with their arms up in the air.

The FAA recently announced the closing of 149 traffic control towers effective April 7.

Well, for the first time in airport history, being delayed is a good thing. The FAA is pushing back the closure date to June 15.

For Pilot Greg Peterson, the move is too little too late. He said, “I think it’s all just a political scam. I think the administration penalizes people for their inability to manage the budget, and this is their way of penalizing the public.”

Sugar Land Regional Airport was affected by the closures, but the delay doesn’t change its overall scenario. The state swooped in and saved the day shortly after the cuts were announced.

Pilot Greg Waltrip said, “It’s great that Texas has found enough money to be able to fund these towers for hopefully a long time until we can get federal funding back.”

For the rest who aren’t so lucky, at least they get a few more months before the flight free-for-all.