James Holmes’ psychiatrist warned officials before shooting

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SENTINEL, CO – What else could have been done?! That’s the big question after James Holmes’ psychiatrist spoke out.

Dr. Lynne Fenton told officials her concerns about Holmes six weeks before the July 20 theater shooting. She says Holmes had expressed feelings of wanting to kill people. When she warned the University of Colorado campus police, they de-activated his college identification card to prevent him from passing through any locked doors. But that was about all they did.

Papers released by prosecutors outline a timeline of when Holmes’ abandoned psychiatric treatment, to when he ordered a laundry list of supplies he would later use in the mass shootings.

The list included things like:

  • Thousands of bullets
  • An assault-type rifle
  • A shotgun
  • A black coat
  • A gas mask

There was much more to list, which gives a glimpse into Holmes’ mind. But perhaps the most troubling of all of this is knowing something more could have been done.