Mother and Son run against each other for Mayor

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DIXMOOR, IL – With all apologies to Paul Simon, but the following mother and child reunion is only an election away. And it comes to us straight from Dixmoor, Illinois, a village in cook county, population 36-hundred and 44.

Two of those residents are Wendy and Randall Casey, a mother and son who have found themselves on opposite sides of the political street as both of them are running to be the mayor of Dixmoor.

She`s 45 and he`s 27. She`s emotional. He`s not so much.

She`s a community activist. He`s a cable TV technician.

Her former husband and his dad is a former mayor of dixmoor, forced out of office about eight years ago after his conviction for unemployment benefits fraud.

Other than all that, this could be just another story of a family working to make their community better.

The election is April 9th, when we`ll see who the people of Dixmoor like best.