New strain of bird flu kills six in China

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SHANGHAI, CHINA – A bad day for birds in china. 20,000 of our fine feathered friends have been slaughtered! An extreme move, but with a legit reason. Six people are dead after a rare form of the bird flu hits the country.

14 cases have been reported so far, which is just a fraction of china’s population of over one billion. Even so, authorities aren’t taking chances. They traced this particular strain of the bird flu (dubbed H7N9) back to pigeons being sold in shanghai. And to keep China from becoming a real-life “Contagion,” thousands of chickens, ducks, geese, and pigeons were sent to the big coop in the sky. The city is also shutting down its live poultry markets. Good thinkin’!

This marks the first time that H7N9 has been reported in humans. The first, and let’s hope, the last.