North Korea threatens missle launch

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North Korea is telling countries that have embassies in Pyongyang that ‘now’ is time for their ambassadors and staff to pack their bags. Li`l Kim says his beastly boyz will not be able to guarantee the safety of diplomatic personnel after april tenth. That`s next wednesday.

And that warning has people wondering if North Korea will launch some kind of attack, on South Korea, Japan, or Guam,  or even all three, because they are all within range of North Korea`s Musudan missiles. Spy agencies believe north korea has moved at least two of the mid-range missiles to the east coast.

And there`s even speculation that the military is preparing a test launch of the k-n-oh-8 intercontinental ballistic missile. This bad boy can carrying a nuclear warhead and has a range of more than 5-thousand kilometers, well within range of any target in the United States.

Cuba`s Fidel Castro was in the middle of the 1962 missile crisis involving the united states and his commie buddies in the soviet union.

Even he says what`s happening with North Korea is, in his words, ‘unbelievable and absurd.’ And he calls this the most serious risk of nuclear war since the Cuban missile crisis.

You know things are bad when Fidel Castro starts making sense.