Obama Medicare Social Security changes

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President Barack Obama is getting some flak from his own team.

Congressional liberals aren’t too happy with a few of his proposals in the new budget plan.

One is $400 billion in cuts to Medicare over ten years.

Another is a change in the way inflation is measured for Social Security, which would mean less money for that too.

It would even close a loophole that allows people to collect disability and unemployment at the same time.

Be shocked all ya want, but this would save $1.8 trillion over a decade.

Another proposal noteable is increased cigarette taxes to fund stuff like education.

Of course, people are gonna gripe. White House Spokesperson Jay Carney said, “It is a serious compromise proposition that demonstrates that he wants to get things done, that he believes that we in Washington ought to do the business of the American people by coming together and finding common ground.”

So, Congress… do we have a deal?