Students Need Help Stopping Segregated Prom

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On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court unanimously outlawed segregation in public schools.  But, apparently one South Georgia school did not get the memo.  In a world full of color, they still see things black and white and even host a segregated prom.

Black and white students at Wilcox County High School have been attending separate prom and homecoming dances for decades despite the federal laws banning segregation.

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this illegal? Technically, the school has not broken any civil rights laws because it doesn’t actually sponsor the segregated prom dances – or any prom dance, for that matter. Instead, parents and students are responsible for organizing and funding the private events.

Historically, organizers of the ‘white’ prom have hired security personnel to make sure no dark-skinned kids get into their events.

Just last year, a biracial student was escorted out of the ‘white’ prom by police, according to CNN.

Now, a group of seniors is taking a stand by organizing the first integrated prom that the Macon, public school has ever had.

There’s a glimmer of hope. The school has allowed biracial homecoming courts, allowing a black student to be queen, but she will not be allowed to go to the dance with the white king.

“I felt like there had to be a change,” said Quanesha Wallace, a student at the high school and this year’s homecoming queen. “For me to be a black person and the king to be a white person, I felt like why can’t we come together.”

Wallace and a group of friends are part of a movement to end the segregated prom. They have planned only one dance, called the “Integrated Prom,” and invited everyone.

The idea hasn’t gone over too well with some people. Some students ripped down signs for the Integrated Prom.

They have another obstacle…funding. But they’re not letting that get in their way. They have started a Facebook page asking for donations. Please help these students. The big dance is April 27th.

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