Pork industry renames cuts of meat

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Say goodbye to the pork chop!  Marketing gurus have changed its name to “ribeye chop”.  What sounds better, they say, tastes better.

Just in time for grilling season, the meat industry has decided to rename more than 350 pork and beef cuts to make them sound more appealing to customers.

It took consumer researchers two years to come up with the new names, which will probably have everybody confused.  No more “a boneless shoulder top blade steak.”  Now you’ll have to ask for a “flat iron steak”.  It’s simpler, it’s catchier, but is it more delicious?

The industry will deploy a PR campaign to educate the public about these changes.

Sometimes these tactics work.  So, who knows?  Maybe renaming these cuts might even convince some of your vegetarian friends to enjoy your next BBQ!