Veterinarian successfully removes calf’s fifth leg

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BURTON, TX – In March, a calf was born in Burton, Texas; But this calf was like few others, it had five legs.

“We never had one that had an extra limb before,” says owner Charles Harmel.

Harmel’s been raising cattle for years, but this 5 legged Brangus calf was a first for him.

“It was something definitely different and just what to do was the biggest thing.”

Harmel called Dr. Lee Panko of Brenham Veterinary Hospital.

According to the vet, ‘The leg was attached to the back area and dangling over on the left side.”

In a one hour surgery, sixteen days after his birth, Dr. Panko successfully amputated the extra limb.

“The calf doesn’t seem to have any problems at all,’ says Harmel. ‘It’s nursing and growing. It seems happy and doesn’t seem like it’s in any pain or anything. So it looks good.”

As for the calf’s future; if she’s healthy, she’ll like be sold to be bred or be served with bread.