Class Acts: Brandon Edmonds

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“If you could mold somebody exactly to possess all the characteristics that are important to have, you would make Brandon Edmonds.”

Klein Collins head football coach Drew Svoboda doesn’t mince any words when he talks about this week’s class act Brandon Edmonds.

The senior fullback was a team captain who had to fill plenty of spots on the field before settling into the backfield.

Brandon Edmonds says, “That was my favorite position out of playing all the other ones. Just being in the trenches each and every down and going into battle.”

Svooboda adds, “Whether it’s in the athletic arena or in the classroom, he’s a first-class individual. He’s one of the most mature, highly-driven individuals that I’ve ever coached.”

Edmonds is taking a swing at a new challenge – golf.

Edmonds says, “They kind of joke with me because they say you need to get lessons Edmonds. You’re not very good and you need to get lessons and I refuse to take any lessons because i just want to be a self-taught golfer.”

His approach to golf seems to be his only selfish act.

Edmonds is all about team. He’s a member of student council, National Honor Society and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Klein Collins English teacher Janet Clarke says, “I hope my son you know is like this or I hope my daughter finds a nice young man like this, and I think this is what it is, he’s just a good person.”

Edmonds says, “I love this country. I love everything about it and I just love the idea of serving something bigger than myself. Serving something bigger than any one of us.”

Edmonds hopes to be accepted at the Naval Academy soon, but he has a back-up plan in place since he has already been accepted at Baylor University.

His days as a high school student are coming to an end but he knows he wouldn’t want to take a mulligan.

Edmonds says, “If I could hit the rewind button and do it all again, I would love to.”