Airline complaints soar in 2012

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WICHITA, KS – It looks like greyhound buses are more comfortable than airplanes lately. Long gone are the days when flying coach was a glamorous experience. Travelers’ complaints against airlines increased by 20% in 2012 compared to 2011.

Why could that be? After all, there’s so much leg room!

Whether U.S. carriers are trying to defy physics or exploring ways to transform humans into livestock, you’ve probably noticed that each time you fly, there are more passenger seats per plane, flights are overbooked, bathrooms are smaller, service is getting worse and fewer suitcases fare allowed on-board.

But let’s look at the bright side, even though they’ll probably charge you extra for it. Researchers at Wichita State University and Purdue University found that in terms of on-time arrivals and handling baggage, airline performance in 2012 was actually the second best in 23 years. Virgin Airlines leads the list, while United Airlines — which had a difficult merge with Continental last year — is at the bottom.

The moral of the story: you’ll travel like a sardine with only one change of clothes, but you’ll be right on time for your next over-booked connection.  Great.

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  • Bobhob

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