Houston: Cheap place to live; expensive place to die

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HOUSTON, TX – If you think life gets expensive, wait till you hear about the alternative!

It turns out the Bayou City out-prices Chicago, Los Angeles and New York in one industry in particular. The funeral business!

On average, a traditional Houston funeral will set you back about $11,595 bones.

Craig Johnson, of the Johnson Funeral Home, says, “Anytime you do a traditional funeral service your 3 biggest expenses are usually going to be the processional service fee at the funeral home, the cost of the casket in which you select, and also the cemetery of choice.”

Even if you plan to skimp when sending a loved one off you’ll still have to dig up about $5,485 to get ’em six-feet under. That’s a bare-bones departure, too. No casket, no flowers, no extras.

So, how is a dying industry charging so much for its services?

Johnson says funeral home and cemetery rates usually go up twice a year, depending on things like employment and inflation. If you think funerals are a way to burn through some money, cremation costs will have you scared stiff. The average Houston cremation costs about $2,145 compared to about $1,600 in the rest of the country.

Prices this high for a funeral? You’re killing me!

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