Bloomingdales installs shopping body scanners

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NEW YORK, NY & CALIFORNIA – Some people really hate shopping. Some people really love it. But whether it’s a love or hate relationship, wouldn’t it be cool if a computer could do all the work for you? Well, not all of it, but shopping are getting help with ‘Me-Ality.’

It’s a body scanner that they’re calling a ‘digital sizing station.’ The whole scanning process takes about 15 seconds, and then it matches the shoppers measurements to items in the store and online. Then it prints out the recommended sizes and styles for that store.

So far, the scanners have been installed at Bloomingdales in the New York city and California areas. Bloomingdales says ‘Me-Ality’ has already been set up in nearly 70 U.S. retail locations, but that this is the first time the scanners have appeared in a department store.

The way things are looking, pretty soon our shopping experience is going to be all high-tech.

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