Florida parents arrested after fleeing to Cuba with kids

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL – Two brothers allegedly kidnapped and taken to Cuba by their parents are safe and sound back in the United States. The boys, 2-year-old Chase Hakken and his 4-year-old brother Cole, are with their grandparents now, who got custody of them earlier this month.

Authorities say the father, Joshua Hakken, broke into his mother-in-law’s house last week, tied her up, and took off with his kids in the grandmother’s car.  Authorities say he then met up with his wife, Sharyn, and the family took off for Cuba on boat.

While the kids are back at home, their parents are behind bars in Hillsborough County. The couple was questioned for several hours and is awaiting their first court appearance. Looks like they’ve got some explaining to do.

Both parents are facing a slew of state charges, while the dad also faces a federal charge of flight to avoid prosecution.

Medically, the boys are okay. Emotionally? That could take some time to see if their Havana nights were actually Havana frights.

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