#nowthatcherisdead has nothing to do with Cher

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LONDON, ENGLAND – We all know that commas can save lives and make a difference in whether we eat with grandpa (‘Let’s eat, Grandpa’), or we simply eat the old guy (‘Let’s eat Grandpa’).

The lowly comma can also avoid some awkward moments between your wife and people who like to eat what they cook.

The Twitter world this week lit up with the news that Cher had died.

That’s right.

Fans of Cher were responding to the hashtag tweet ‘now that Cher is dead.’

The trouble with that was that the tweet really said ‘now Thatcher is dead.’

Thatcher. As in Margaret Thatcher, the former British prime minister who died this week.

Margaret Thatcher. Not Cher.

The inability to correctly read a tweet led comedian Ricky Gervais to tweet out the absurdity of the mistake, and prompted the folks at Play On Words to point out the need to use capital letters when tweeting.

In case you`re wondering, Cher is not dead, or at least not when she posted this Twitter pic of herself with her other son, Elijah Blue Allman.

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