Sen. McConnell asks FBI to investigate leaked recordings

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – It sounds like a something straight out of Nixon’s Watergate, as in the democratic headquarters in the Watergate Hotel bugged by all the President’s men.

That’s what senate majority leader Mitch McConnell thinks, and the FBI is on the case.

McConnell is miffed about a secret recording of a February meeting with top political aides that ended up in the uber-liberal publication, Mother Jones, the same publication that ran a secretly taped video of Mitt Romney making his now-famous ‘47%’ remarks during last year’s presidential campaign.

Actress Ashley Judd’s plans to run against McConnell provided some of the juicier parts of the tape, especially when an aide goes over opposition research on Judd.

McConnell says the secret tape is the latest example of the how far the left is willing to go.

McConnell was referring to a racist tweet by a Kentucky political action committee that said McConnell wanted to send Kentucky jobs to china because of his wife.

McConnell is married to Elaine Chao, George W. Bush’s secretary of labor who was born in Taiwan. Progress Kentucky apologized and removed the tweet, but only after they planted the seed.

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