Chinese man nearly dies after putting eel up his butt

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GUANGDONG, CHINA – He put what?! Up where?! An “eel” up his “rectum”. And, yes… it damn near killed’em!

A 39-year-old man in China is lucky to be alive after he gets a swamp eel stuck up his anus and then having the slimy creature try to get out by gnawing through his intestine. Needless to say, the idiot admits to a bit of drinking when he got the bright idea (which he claims he saw in a porno!) of letting an eel swim up his sphincter.

The poor swap eel, clearly facing a life threatening situation, did what any eel would do; burrowed deep into something muddy! That’s when the curious Chinese man knew he was in deep, deep trouble! The frightened fish, finding himself in this crappy situation and in the bowels of despair, chewed his way out of the man’s colon and got stuck in his body cavity.

The man quickly checked himself into a hospital and after a gut wrenching surgery that lasted through the night, a 20 inch long eel was finally pulled out alive at first, but dying a short time after. The man is recovering at the hospital but might face animal cruelty charges.

The Asian swamp eel is known to be an invasive species, but at least we know of one foreign area in which this hearty animal doesn’t do too well.