Meet Guy Who Wants to Become a Maxi Pad

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What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, a lawyer, a Maxi Pad. A what?! A man from Panama City, FL (what is it with wackos in Florida) has a dream of becoming a sanitary napkin. No joke. You can “absorb” his journey on his blog and YouTube channel.

First things first, he legally changed his name to “Pad”. Now it gets tricky. He’s searching for a woman on her period that will allow him to serve as an overnight pad, “preferably Kotex because of their association with the color pink.” Hey wanna crash on my Pad? Gross!

Now if you think this is a joke it’s not. “Pad Gardner” is serious about this. He has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to his journey and blogs about his obsession with pads. You may think he’s crazy but he actually might have a disorder called “otherkin”. Otherkin are people who identify themselves as non-human in all but outward form, contending that they are creatures traditionally.

If one thing comes out of these videos hopefully he gets a call from Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew. Shocking, the guy has issues. And obviously wants to feel needed but not worthy enough to stick around. Mommy issues! I mean if anything be a tampon, at least you get to go in.

Hopefully, he gets a call not from a woman on her cycle but a doctor. Because the only “pad” he needs is a padded cell.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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