Happy 420!

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Did you happen to notice the sky seemed a little bit hazier today?

Well, that might not be smog. It could just be smoke from millions of people lightn’ up a joint in celebration of what is starting to be known as a high holiday in every stoner’s calendar.

April 20th, or 4-20, a day to celebrate marijuana!

Long observed by pot heads, young and old, as a day to publicly partake in the smoking of their favorite plant but what do the numbers 4-20 have to do with pot?

It’s seems that way, way back in the early 70’s. There was a group of kids from the San Fran area, who called themselves the Waldos.

These “Waldos” would get together after school at 4:20 and smoke weed. That “time” turned into a code, 420, and that code was passed along from lip to lip of every smoker in the bay area and then beyond, until 420 turned into a way of saying: let’s get stoned!!

Blows your mind, huh!

Once seen as counter-culture, celebrities are now embracing the marijuana movement.

It’s easy to log on to twitter and see the stars toking it up.

Weed is everywhere, from movies to Washington.

Sure, his lips said “he didn’t” but his smirk said “he might just have and enjoyed it!”

But not everything is groovy on this 4/20…

The University of Colorado has closed its campus today –to non-students–because of previous festivities.

So, now a whole new “crop” of students, are getting together and coming up with new code words for “let’s meet up and smoke weed.

Sparks the imagination, doesn’t it?

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