Twitter launches new music app

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – You know where people are thanks to Facebook check-ins. You know what people are eating thanks to Instagram. And friend or not, you can follow just about anyone you want on Twitter.

Now you can get even more tuned in to the people you follow on Twitter. The social networking site has launched a music app. It allows users to discover new music based on everyone they follow. There’s a ‘Now Playing’ list that shows users what’s popular in the Twitter-sphere.

‘You look at your Twitter app, you look at the people you’re following, and it can show what their tracks are, etcetera. If you have one of the music subscription services like Spotify or RDio, you can listen to full tracks from within the Twitter app,’ said Wired New York Editor Joe Brown.

So now when your friend is sending out annoying drunk tweets, you can also hear what annoying song their jamming out to. Fun!