Racial discrimination at US Airways?

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DENVER, CO – Remember the glamour of flying? Those days are obviously long gone. But that’s not stopping US Airways, though it’s landing them in the hot seat.

A pair of African American brothers, McCraig and Miles Warren, claim they were asked to change clothes before moving on up to first class on a Denver-to-Phoenix flight in August of last year. But the brothers say the airline didn`t ask a white guy and a Filipino guy dressed similarly to do the same.

The Warrens are suing the airline for discrimination. And what lawsuit wouldn’t be complete without an emotional distress complaint thrown in there?

But here’s the kicker. US Airways spoke directly with NewsFix, saying that this isn’t a racial matter, but simply a matter of employee dress code. That`s right: the Warrens were using an employee’s flight benefits.  The US Airways spokesperson even sent us a statement saying “all employees and pass-riders are expected to comply with the policies associated with this travel privilege.” In other words, it sounds like if you`re flying free, dress to impress.

As for the white guy and Filipino guy mentioned in the lawsuit? They were paying customers like the rest of us, so they didn’t have a dress code. Sounds like this whole story is about first class. Or is it no class?


  • whistledick12

    I am an employee of US AIRWAYS, have been for 25 years. We have always had a dress code since the day I started. The previous dress code in the 1980's and early 90's was suit and tie even in coach. They have dramatically relaxed the dress code since then. In coach you can't wear flip flops and tank tops. First class requires collared shirt, and pants. Not much of an inconvenience when an employee and their family can fly unlimited anywhere for free. This lawsuit should be thrown out and employee terminated.

    • BOLTS2004

      I agree with whistledick12. I also am a USAIRWAYS employee for 36 years. Whistledick12 is correct, the previous dress code was a suit and tie even in coach. The dress code has been relaxed in the past years even in First Class., but still requires a collared shirt, and pants. This is a gift from our company and it is written in our regulations for non revenue travel. Also all the stations have the regulations printed out to give to a GUEST PASS rider.USAIRWAYS could cancel the guest pass at anytime. These regulations apply to all no matter what color you are. Hopefully this case will be thrown out of court and the employee will learn a lesson, either having their passes restricted or being fired. I just can not understand these two brothers putting a family member in this sistuation.

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