Apple archives your Siri conversations for 2 years

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CUPERTINO, CA – We rely on our phones for just about everything. Then came the invention of Siri, Apples’ voice tool, and it was like our phones became our friends, answering our hardest questions and reminding us of appointments we’d long since forgotten. But Siri could be considered a fri-enemy before you know it.

Wired released an article claiming that Siri takes those voice commands we request in private, and stores them in Apples’ servers for up to two years!

Apple says the voice calls are disconnected from the user’s phone number, and are only used to better the product.

Hopefully that’s true, but it seems there’s a lot of room for abuse with a system like that. Before you know it, our Miranda rights will read, “…Anything Siri saves can and will be used against you in a court of law.”