Obama expected to approve Keystone pipeline

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ONTARIO, CANADA – Is this Keystone pipeline more like a pipe dream? Much to the chagrin of the protesters (and Darryl Hannah,) The Globe and Mail reports the pipe dream could become a reality.

David Gordon, former Director of Policy Planning back when Condi was Secretary of State, tells the paper the odds are four-to-one that President Obama will approve the controversial pipeline that would run from Canadian to American refineries.

So where did he come up with this? Gordon tells The Globe and Mail that Obama’s fight with republicans to control the House of Representatives makes this practically a done deal.

The spokesperson for the protesters told us in a statement that Obama should “at least reconsider his administrations existing policy on tar sands exploitation in Canada and the abuse of private property rights that most families believe they have protections against.”

Now only time will tell if the pipe dream becomes a nightmare for those protesters.