CarShare aims to cut traffic and smog

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HOUSTON, TX – Ask anyone what they hate about Houston, and they’ll say the traffic. The guys at Energy Corridor are doing something about it.

They launched CarShare, a program aimed at cutting traffic and smog.

It’s for commuters who use alternative means of transportation to get to work.

Enterprise is offering up two fancy hybrids that employees can rent for an hour, a day, a week, whatever, while they’re stuck in the city without their own car.

“It’s a fast efficient easy way for them to get home for family emergencies, for them to do errands during the day,” said Karl Kock, Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Holdings in Houston.

The program is the first of its kind in the nation, and it appears a handful of cities could use it more than us.

A new report by INRIX says Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the country.

Honolulu is second, third is San Francisco, Austin is fourth, and New York is fifth. Houston is ranked 17th!

So while you’re stranded on 610, just turn on some music and think it could be much worse.