Final cop in Chad Holley case goes to court next week

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HOUSTON, TX – Three down — one to go. Now only former Houston Police Officer Drew Ryser awaits trial.

Ryser is one of the four HPD officers caught on camera allegedly beating-up 15-year-old burglary suspect Chad Holley in 2010.

On Wednesday, two others pleaded no contest, were given a fine and put on probation. Last year, the first officer in court was found not guilty.

As for Ryser, his attorney had reportedly asked for a continuance. But at this point, the case is still on Monday’s docket.

Soon, it looks like one of the more infamous stories involving police in recent memory could be coming to a close.

Holley, by the way, is unavailable to talk about all this. He’s currently serving a six month stint for a home burglary.