Fourth grader offers some perspective on gay marriage

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PARIS, FRANCE – Gay marriage is a political issue, but leave it to a fourth grader to give it some perspective.

You see, the kid’s teacher posted the student essay about same-sex marriage on Reddit and it took less than a day to go viral.

Here’s what the kid wrote: “it doesn’t matter if it creeps you out, just get over it.” It goes on to say, “you should be happy for them because it’s a big moment in their life,” and “you shouldn’t judge other people’s lives because if you were gay, you wouldn’t want people talking about you.”

It was anything but child’s play in France. Rioting in the streets this week after its same-sex marriage bill, which would also allow gay couples to adopt, got one step closer to being passed.

Just like in Rhode Island. It’s poised to become the 10th state to legalize gay marriage. The state Senate passed a marriage bill 26-12, and has just one more stop at the House before becoming legal.

But don’t expect that kind of thing in Tennessee. The legislature passed a resolution to make August 31st Traditional Marriage Day. Wait a sec, isn’t everyday Traditional Marriage Day?

We don’t know if anyone in Tennessee “volunteered” to read the kid’s essay on Reddit.