Justin Bieber has some monkey business going on in Germany

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monkeyMUNICH, GERMANY – He’s been known to break the hearts of pre-teens, but what about of primates?

Justin Bieber made news last month in Germany while on tour, when his pet monkey was seized in Munich for not having the proper papers.

On March 28th, the Bieb’s 17-week-old capuchin monkey, Mally, was quarantined by German customs authorities until Bieber could come up with its documentation. Now four weeks later, the little capuchin is still caged up in Germany, because the man-boy still hasn’t addressed all this monkey business.

The Munich Animal Protection League has received two emails from camp Bieber, one asking them how much more time they have before little Mally gets euthanized, to which the Germans replied their animal shelters are “no kill”. The second email asks if the shelter recommends a German zoo for the left behind monkey.

The Germans say Mally will stay in the shelter until Bieber gets in touch with them directly. They are giving the pop star until May 17 to provide the “papers” or else Mally becomes property of Germany.

Bieber has yet to comment on his capuchin caper, but if the rumors that he got back with Selena Gomez are true, he might not need to play with his little monkey again.

Auf wiedersehen Mally!