Shopping online could soon cost more

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WASHINGTON, DC -It looks like we could be one step close to paying more for stuff you buy online. The senate decided Monday to go ahead to debate and possibly vote on the Marketplace Fairness Act.

If passed you would pay sales tax on things you buy from a company that’s not in your state. What’s at stake: reports say about $22 billion in uncollected tax.

Here’s something you don’t see often: some democrats and republicans alike support the new initiative which the senate could pass this week. Then, it will be the house’s turn to decide on the matter, but more opposition is expected there.

Backers of the bill say it will protect local stores against unfair competition while at the same time help fund state budgets. Opponents argue that the new legislation could kill small online companies. Large companies such as – they say – will find their ways to adapt.

This is a war between big retailers that is one click away from affecting your pocket.