Tsarnaev’s mother blames U.S. for son’s death, regrets moving

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NEW YORK, NY – Investigators say a remote control device set off at least one of the homemade Boston Marathon bombs. But they do not know if the bombers based their devices on a blueprint in al Qaeda’s English language magazine “Inspire”, or if Tamerlan Tsarnaev learned it in a camp run by Dagestani militant Abu Dujan.

Russian Special Forces killed Dujan last December, and there is no evidence Tsarnaev and Dujan ever met.

But Dagestani police say Dujan ran training camps where foreigners learned how to make bombs, and that a video released by Dagestani police purports to show some of that training, including how to mix and prepare home-made explosives.

And photos suggest they learned to use a mobile phone as a detonator.

Investigators are also saying that the surviving brother was not armed when captured in a boat last Friday.

Earlier reports said Dzhokar and his dead brother Tamerlan were in a shootout hours earlier. And some reports said Dzhokar’s wounds were self-inflicted. But it’s hard to shoot yourself if you don’t have a gun.

Meanwhile mother Tsarnaev is blaming America for the death of one son and for failing to protect her family.

It seems there is a lot of regret and grief to go around.