What’s missing in America? Class

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I’ve been thinking a lot about something this country doesn’t seem to have a lot of lately: class.

Hear me out.

I’m amazed the way things used to be. Men used to wear ties to football and baseball games. Everyone used to dress the same way when taking a flight.

Now, going to the airport is unpleasant and going to the game is a battle of staying away from the drunks.

Stay with me.

Movie theatres used to have ushers that said “thank you” and gas stations used to have guys who cleaned your windows.

A homeless guy is the last person who offered to clean my window.

I’m sure you can think of other examples where “class” is far being “first.”

Although, there is one area where I think we are better than years ago.

This country knows how to connect when things don’t go well. From 9/11 to Boston, so many of you help others out when they need it most. The problem: all of the time in between disasters is a disaster!