US says Syria used chemical weapons

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ALEPPO, SYRIA – Is history repeating itself? The White House, along with the United Kingdom, claim the Syrian government used chemical weapons, specifically, the chemical agent Sarin.

And if President Obama stays true to his word, it could have global consequences.

“A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus,” President Obama said last August.

Change his calculus, huh? You do the math: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is sending the 1st armored division’s headquarters from Fort Bliss here in Texas to Jordan.

But Syria is saying “not so fast.” It’s saying these claims are essentially lies and that we’re picking a fight. A government official even says that if it had chemical weapons, they wouldn’t and couldn’t use them.

Nonetheless, America is looking for answers.

“We’re going to pursue a methodical and rigorous investigation and we’re focused on getting to the bottom of the facts related to the potential use of chemical weapons in Syria,” said Patrick Ventrell, Acting Deputy State Dept. spokesman.

Back to the history lesson: should the US turn a blind eye and hope it doesn’t get worse? Or is this the Bush-era Weapons of Mass Destruction debacle all over again?

There’s no easy answer. The only thing we know is that thousands of Syrians are caught in the crosshairs.

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