Sugar Land cigar club reopens banned smoking patio

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SUGAR LAND, TX – Smoker or not– sometimes right is just right.

About a year ago, the Cigar Cigar! club at Sugar Land Town Square got word their customers could no longer smoke on the club’s outdoor patio.

“It was very frustrating to us because we were one of the original tenants,” said Richard Tisch, the club’s owner. “Our customers and members have been enjoying their cigars and pipes on our patio for the last four and a half years at this location.”

So what changed? Well, Guru Burgers moved in next door, decided the cigar smoke was bad for “their” business and complained to the property manager.

Funny thing, though, as longtime club member Leslie Wilson pointed out, “We noticed that–hey– cigarettes weren’t an issue for some reason, but cigars were. So we looked at that as cigar profiling us or something.”

How could they not? Signs put up in the parking garage and right across the street from the cigar bar didn’t say, “No smoking.” They read, “No cigar or pipe smoking allowed.”

As you might guess — club members were not happy!

“A couple of times I wanted to extend my, umm…what’s the word? My hand gestures to those who wanted to stop us from smoking,” said Wilson.

Owner Tisch did more than that. Rather than see his business go up in smoke, he got a ‘revolutionary’ lawyer, Matias Adrogue, who pointed out to us, “We separated from England many, many, many years ago because we didn’t like the king from across the pond telling us what we can and can’t do.”

And in this case– the king backed down. The management company allowed Cigar Cigar! to enclose their patio in glass. So there’s no more worrying about summer heat or rain but still a great feel of being outdoors.

Tisch says he hopes other folks who love a good puff will be inspired by his victory, “If they feel their rights are infringed upon, you don’t have to lay down and… close your business.”

No, you don’t… and sometimes it’s worth the fight to enjoy a “big ash” cigar!

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